IPA Promoting the child's right to play
Study of adventure playgrounds and city farms in Europe and what they contribute to sustainable urban development oli/ index.html
Lectures and documentation from the conference: Adventure playgrounds and City Farms for the 21st Century [Berlin 1999] anima.htm


Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture: Rediscovering the Animation Playground AnimationPlayground.html


AKiB A federation of adventure playgrounds and children's farms in Berlin english/ english.htm
BDJA Association of adventure playgrounds and city farms in Germany english.htm


IPA Japan Japan's international play association


Speux Speux is the union of adventure playgrounds and children's programs.
Robi-Spiel Aktionen A Swiss organization of adventure playgrounds in Basel

United Kingdom

Kidsactive (formerly HAPA: Handicapped Adventure Playground Association)
London Play "for every child in London to have high-quality, accessible, and inclusive play opportunities."
Playlink Playlink supports local groups in creating play opportunities for young people.
Fairplay Promoting the child's right to play fairplay/ home.htm

United States

Projects for Public Spaces Dedicated to creating and sustaining public places that build communities
Children's Environments Research Group Provides a link between research and design, policy, and programs that improve environments for children che/ cerg/
Natural Learning Initiative Promotes the importance of the natural environments for children
Adventure Playground in Berkeley, California Open year-round marina/ marinaexp/ adventplgd.html
Adventure Playground in Huntington Beach, California Open summers CityDepartments/ comm_services/facilities/ Huntington_Central_Park/ Adventure_Playground.cfm
Adventure Playground in Irvine, California Open year-round depts/ cs/ commparks/ specialfac/ adventure_playground.asp